Colorado candidate questionnaires on climate and clean energy

The Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate (of which the FCSG is a founding member) asked Colorado General Assembly and Congressional candidates where they stand on issues related to climate protection and clean energy. 61 General Assembly candidates and five Congressional candidates who will be on the primary ballot this June responded to questions asking them to rate the urgency of addressing climate change, state whether they would sign on to the “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge”, and declare their support or opposition to a number of state and national level climate policy initiatives. We’ve attached the results here, and hope they will be helpful as people make up their minds who to support in the primary election to be held on Tuesday, June 30th.

The first attachment below contains Colorado General Assembly (State House of Representatives and Senate) candidate responses, and the second attachment contains Congressional (Federal House of Representatives and Senate) candidate responses. A link to find your Colorado House, Senate, and Federal House District is provided in each file. Please note that many of the candidates’ “optional additional comments” will need to be viewed by increasing the row height of the formula bar.

Be sure to return your ballot by June 30th!


Author: Kevin Cross

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