Elimination of Short-Term Climate Goal Likely to Delay Action

By Kevin Cross and Eric Levine

In 1999, the Fort Collins City Council adopted a “Local Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.” This plan set a goal to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions 30% below predicted worst-case 2010 levels. That 1999 plan established Fort Collins as a leader in addressing climate change.

By 2006, it became clear that the city would miss its 2010 emissions goal. The Fort Collins Sustainability Group, a citizens’ organization, initiated a resolution to get the city back on track, which council approved in early 2007. As a result of this resolution, a “Climate Task Force” composed of citizens and city staff was formed to identify additional measures that could be taken to meet our 2010 goal.

The Climate Task Force presented its package of recommendations to City Council last February (for details, visit http://fcgov.com/climateprotection/ctf.php). A great deal of confusion ensued concerning both the 2010 goal and the costs of meeting it. The Coloradoan suggested that the goal was unrealistic and the costs unaffordable. Neither of those suggestions are accurate.


Author: Rick Casey

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