Support a Resolution for 100% Clean Renewable Electricity in Fort Collins

100% Renewable Electricity Resolution
This Earth day, take your concern for the planet one step further by supporting a resolution that is being pushed through the Fort Collins City Council in support of 100% clean, renewable electricity by 2030 .

The resolution has been drafted by members of the Fort Collins Partners for Clean Energy (FCP4CE), a coalition of organizations here in Fort Collins that have coalesced in the interest of advancing the sustainable future of our community.

Fort Collins Partners for Clean Energy
Formally established in the summer of 2017, the Fort Collins Partners for Clean Energy (FCP4CE) consists of the Fort Collins Sustainability Group, Community for Sustainable Energy (CforSE), 350 Northern Colorado, Sierra Club Poudre Canyon Group, Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society (NCRES), Fort Collins for Progress, and the League of Women Voters–Larimer County.

What We Know
Across the U.S, cities are moving towards clean & economically-affordable renewable electricity.

Already here in Colorado, the cities of Aspen, Boulder, Pueblo, Breckenridge, Nederland, and now most recently, Longmont, have all made commitments to achieving 100% renewable electricity.

Key Points of the Fort Collins Resolution
In a series of “Whereas” statements, the resolution recognizes bold steps that the city has already taken to address climate change, including the Climate Action Plan (CAP) that was adopted in 1998.

These statements detail the delays & achievements regarding progress on addressing greenhouse-gas emissions reductions here in Fort Collins, including the fact that the city is unlikely to meet the 32% reduction of GHG emissions by 2020 that is called for in the 2015 CAP Framework, and will therefore have to do more in the next 12 years to meet its 2030 goals.

After providing context to the necessity of reliable, high-quality, and affordable energy to all residents and local businesses here in Fort Collins, the resolution resolves that the Council establish a city-wide goal of 100% clean, renewable electricity generated from carbon-free energy sources by 2030.

Along with a detailed resolution, the Fort Collins Partners for Clean Energy will submit recommendations to the Council regarding the logistics of achieving 100% renewable electricity in a way that is transparent, well-informed, and equitable.

Next Steps→ What YOU Can Do

1. Sign the petition supporting 100% clean, renewable electricity by 2030.

○ Share the online petition via email & social media!

2. Show up at the May 1st City Council meeting to support council passing a resolution supporting 100% renewable electricity.

○ Tuesday, May 1st at 6pm

○ City Hall West, 300 LaPorte Ave

Have questions? Please contact the
Fort Collins Community Action Network
Ph: 970-419-8944


Author: Rick Casey

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