Thank-you Letter to Fort Collins City Council for Approving Revised Utility Income Qualified Assistance Program

The cost of utilities is a burden that falls heaviest on those that can least afford it, so any changes that make it a bit easier for these folks to get assistance is a welcome decision.  The Utility Income Qualified Assistance Program (IQAP) is an important source of financial and technical help to lower utility bills, so the extension of this program is vital.  The switch from an opt-in program requiring an additional application, to an opt-out program where participants are automatically enrolled may seem minor, but is expected to nearly double the program enrollment.

On behalf of the Fort Collins Sustainability Group, I’d like to thank you for passing this proposal on first reading at the July 6th session, and by a unanimous vote.

Nick Michell
Fort Collins Sustainability Group Steering Committee Member



Author: Kevin Cross

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