FCSG Endorsement of Five-Year Fracking Moratorium and Comments on the Fort Collins Fracking Ban

 FCSG endorsement of a five-year fracking moratorium initiative 

 The Fort Collins Sustainability Group (FCSG) endorses the effort by Citizens for a Healthy Fort Collins (CFAHFC) to place an initiative on the November 2013 ballot to establish a five year moratorium on the use of fracking (hydraulic fracturing) within the City of Fort Collins and on land under the City’s jurisdiction. We believe that this move is necessary given City Council’s vote on May 21st of this year to rescind its previous ban on fracking everywhere except from a few existing oil wells and pad sites. For more information on this City Council vote, see the comments posted below this endorsement. 

A five-year moratorium would allow time for studies to be conducted that would help determine the impact of fracking on public health and safety, water quality, air quality, the atmosphere, the landscape, and property values. The FCSG has grave concerns in particular about the impact of fracking on the atmosphere. For more information concerning this problem, see “FCSG statement on fracking and climate change” posted at http://www.focosustainability.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=736&action=edit

Citizens for a Healthy Fort Collins is currently gathering signatures to place the fracking moratorium on the November ballot, and is soliciting funds to further this effort. We urge our supporters to volunteer and/or make a donation to CFAHFC by visiting www.healthyfoco.com


Author: Rick Casey