FCSG Statement on Establishing a 100% Clean, Renewable Electricity Goal for 2030

 Statement posted on September 19, 2017 

 Fort Collins has established itself as a leader in sustainability, with its progress to date and ambitious future goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Fort Collins Sustainability Group, as a member of Fort Collins Partners for Clean Energy (FCP4CE), urges the City to increase the pace of its emissions reductions by setting a goal of 100% clean, renewable electricity by 2030. Achieving such a lofty goal will be challenging, but we urge the city to make the pledge to take it on. 

The Platte River Power Authority’s (PRPA) feasibility study for 100% renewable electricity generation for Fort Collins and its other member-owners is a potentially important step toward implementation of the goal. As a member of FCP4CE, we ask City Council to communicate to the PRPA the importance of meeting its target of October 31, 2017 for release of the study. In addition, we ask City Council to request the PRPA solicit stakeholder input and reaction to the feasibility study after its release at the end of October. We look forward to analyzing the study when it is available, offering constructive criticism, and supporting implementation of steps that will allow us to obtain 100% clean, renewably generated electricity by 2030. 


Author: Rick Casey

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