FCSG Statement on its Support of the Larimer Alliance Position on Proposed O&G Regulations

The Fort Collins Sustainability Group would like to express our support for the Larimer Alliance (LA) in their comments about the proposed oil and gas regulations for Larimer County. The LA’s statement can be viewed on its blog here.

We believe their research into, and statements about, the inadequacy of the proposed regulations should be taken seriously. We ask the County Commissioners to please examine carefully the LA’s pointed suggestions about  air quality, water quality, health impacts, wildlife and habitat, and permanent degradation of soil and vegetation.

Senate Bill 19-181 was intended to empower local agencies such as the County Commissioners to enact meaningful regulations. Improving the proposed regulations by addressing the suggestions made by the Larimer Alliance would be fulfilling the intent of the law. We hope the Commissioners will act accordingly.


Author: Rick Casey

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