Open Letter to Fort Collins City Council on All Source RFP for Firm, Dispatchable Power

Dear Mayor Arndt and Councilmembers Gutowksy, Pignataro, Canonico, Peel, Ohlson, and Francis –

It recently came to our attention that Kendall Minor sent you a memo in mid-December responding to our campaign to encourage the Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) to issue an “all source request for proposals (RFP)” for firm, dispatchable power capacity.  The memo does not meaningfully address our ask.

Instead, the memo refers to RFPs the PRPA has issued for renewable resources over the past several years and doubles down on PRPA’s claim that new “highly flexible aeroderivative turbines” that will burn fracked gas for the foreseeable future will be an essential part of PRPA’s power supply mix.  The memo alleges that no other technology will be capable of meeting the PRPA’s need for firm, dispatchable power.

We are simply asking that the PRPA issue an RFP outlining its requirements for firm, dispatchable renewable or renewable-capable power and let “the market” (i.e. power providers) respond.  It may well be that solutions other than aeroderivative turbines would be capable of meeting these requirements at less expense to ratepayers, i.e. at a lower levelized cost.  The PRPA won’t know unless it asks.  And if it doesn’t ask, it increases the risk of selecting a solution that will have negative consequences both for ratepayers in the four municipalities it serves, as well as for the environment.

Please ask the PRPA to respond to the request that it issue an all source RFP for firm, dispatchable power capacity this year.



Kevin Cross, FCSG Convener



Author: Kevin Cross

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