NCP4CE Calls on PRPA to Implement 100% Renewable Energy in the Integrated Resource Plan

Today, Northern Colorado Partners for Clean Energy released a white paper (available at…) calling on the Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) to Implement 100% renewable energy in the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). This document outlines compelling data points and central arguments for strengthening PRPA’s commitment to renewable energy in the IRP.

“2030 is a long ways away. That’s still a decade longer of fossil fuel pollution in our communities. PRPA should be doing everything it can to transition off of coal and gas in a way that either meets or exceeds city commitments to 100% clean energy by 2030.” said Sarah Snead, Organizing Representative, Sierra Club Beyond Coal.

“We cannot wait another five years for PRPA to aggressively pursue a transition away from fossil fuels. The time is now to get serious about how local communities can move towards a future where households, cities and towns are powered by clean energy. It’s what is best for our economy, our environment, and the health and prosperity of future generations. The point is that PRPA can do better when it comes to strategic planning with the planet in mind,” said Abby Driscoll of Sustainable Resilient Longmont.

“In late 2018, the PRPA board set a goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030. In early 2020, PRPA staff seems to have concluded that achieving 100% renewable electricity cannot be done reliably or cost effectively, using a combination of incomplete and faulty assumptions in its IRP analysis. Given that we’re facing a climate emergency, this is unacceptable. PRPA staff needs to try harder to achieve the goal set by its board and owner communities,” said Kevin Cross with the Fort Collins Sustainability Group.


Northern Colorado Partners for Clean Energy (NCP4CE) is a coalition of organizations in the four municipalities that own the Platte River Power Authority (PRPA). We have a shared goal of transitioning PRPA to 100% renewable electricity by 2030. NCP4CE is a committee of the Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate, but retains autonomy with regard to its work with the PRPA and all local initiatives. The member organizations of the NCP4CE are: 350 Northern Colorado, Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Colorado Sierra Club, Community for Sustainable Energy,, Environment Colorado, Estes Valley Clean Energy Coalition, Fort Collins Sustainability Group, Renewables Now Loveland, Sustainable Resilient Longmont, Transition Fort Collins. For more information please visit


Author: Kevin Cross

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